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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life & Passion of Jesus Christ (1905) King of Kings (1926)

Life and Passion of Christ‭ (‬1903-1905‭) ‬La Vie Et La Passion De Jesus-Christ,‭ ‬N.S.‭ ‬was begun in‭ ‬1902‭ ‬by Ferdinand Zecca‭ (‬1864-1947‭) ‬for Pathé Frères in Paris,‭ ‬then the most important film company in the world.‭ ‬Zecca made‭ ‬18‭ ‬carefully costumed and staged tableaux against painted back-drops which are clearly influenced by the famous Biblical woodcuts of Gustave Dore‭ (‬1866‭)‬.‭ ‬

In‭ ‬1903,‭ ‬Pathé Frères developed a sophisticated system for applying up to four colors to each film print by a stencil process‭; ‬that year and in‭ ‬1904,‭ ‬ten new tableaux were added to the film.‭ ‬Finally,‭ ‬in‭ ‬1905,‭ ‬Zecca's collaborator,‭ ‬Lucien Nonguet,‭ ‬added three final scenes,‭ ‬and the resulting color film of‭ ‬31‭ ‬tableaux with a running time of‭ ‬44‭ ‬minutes became the most impressive of its kind and one of the first long films in the world.‭ ‬Presented by missionaries and itinerant showmen from Indiana to Indochina,‭ ‬it helped establish the popular iconography of the Divine story.‭

King of Kings‭ (‬1927‭) ‬Directed by Cecil B.‭ ‬DeMille‭ ‬...‭ ‬1hr52min‭ … ‬

Most reverent and strikingly beautiful panorama of the tragedy of all ages--the world's greatest screen epic.‭ ‬A production acclaimed by world-famed scholars,‭ ‬press and public in this country and abroad,‭ ‬as the most ambitious presentation of the final years of the life of Jesus ever pictured on the screen.‭ ‬An epochal motion picture that will live forever in the hearts of mankind.

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