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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Miss Julie - Don't cry because it's over.

"Don't cry because it's over.
Smile because it happened."
Dr. Seuss

Don't cry because she is over, smile because she happened.

My beloved little cat - from kitten with me in NYC to Texas, 2 years after 9/11. Unconditional love - given and received. Such joy. Such love, with love. I smile through the tears, but mostly smile. She was my friend. 24th May 2011.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pola Negri ~ Carmen, Sappho, Hotel Imperial, Wildcat, Hi Diddle Diddle 3 DVDs


Carmen (1918)

Carmen is a 1918 German silent drama film directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Pola Negri, Harry Liedtke and Leopold von Ledebur. It was based on the novella Carmen by Prosper Mérimée. Like Bizet's opera Carmen, this film only adapts the third part of Mérimée's novella and transforms the character of Don José at the beginning of the story from bandit on the run to honest man in love with his childhood sweetheart. The film was released with English intertitles in the United States in 1921 under the alternative title Gypsy Blood.


starring Pola Negri and James Hall
January, 1927

Eric Pommer, that intrepid German producer, has made, thru the excellent direction of Mauritz Stiller, a very great picture. 

It accomplishes almost to perfection those photographic effects which directors have been striving for. And so simply and directly that one is unconscious of the freakishness of he camera work in one's absorption in the dramatic unfolding of the plot, with its rapid suspense-building. Pola Negri does her best work since coming to America. James Hall has charm and should shoot straight into the star class on the release of this picture. Every character lives thru the story, and the types are perfectly chosen.

It is a smooth, eloquent tale told in an entirely new language -- a thrilling language of pictures. It tells of the courage and cleverness of an Austrian peasant girl who in a hotbed of Russians, saves the life of a young Austrian officer and helps him to glory. Tho one is ever conscious that it is essentially a war story, and the menace of war times is constantly present, there are practically no actual battle pictures. It is almost altogether a story of he reaction of individuals to war. 

Don't miss this great picture.

on 1 DVD

Sappho a/k/a Mad Love (1921) Pola Negri

This melodrama was the last German-made film starring Pola Negri to be released in the United States. By the time it came out, Negri was already at Paramount and creating headlines over her romance with comedian Charles Chaplin.

Her first American-made film, Bella Donna, would be out only a few weeks after this picture hit the theaters. The vampy Liane (Negri) has driven Andreas insane -- literally -- and he is consigned to a sanitarium. His brother Chabot comes to Paris and denounces the wrong woman, but Liane overhears his tirade and, intrigued, decides to make a play for him. He falls for her, and the couple head for a seaside resort; however, they are followed by one of Liane's ex-lovers, the millionaire Bertink, who tells Chabot that she is the one who ruined his brother.

Chabot leaves Liane, but then Andreas escapes from the sanitarium and goes looking for her, and Chabot decides to do the same. They both find her at a carnival ball, where Andreas strangles her to death. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi (1hr22min6sec)

Hi Diddle Diddle (1943)
starring Adolphe Menjou, Martha Scott, Dennis O'Keefe, June Havoc, Billie Burke, and (in a rare film appearance) Pola Negri. The film is also known as Diamonds and Crime (American reissue title). Directed by Andrew L. Stone.

2 gems on 1 no-region DVD.

The Wild Cat (aka The Mountain Cat, German: Die Bergkatze) is a 1921 German silent comedy film directed by Ernst Lubitsch.

Victor Janson as commander of Fort Tossenstein
Marge Köhler as his wife
Edith Meller as Lilli, their daughter
Paul Heidemann as Lieutenant Alexis
Wilhelm Diegelmann as Claudius, the bandit's captain
Pola Negri as Rischka, his daughter
Hermann Thimig as Pepo

Directed by Ernst Lubitsch
Produced by Paul Davidson
Written by Hanns Kräly, Ernst Lubitsch
Cinematography, Theodor Sparkuhl
Release date: April 12, 1921
Running time: 82 minutes
Country: Germany
English inter-titles

Total of 3 no-region (play world-wide) DVDs in DVD/CD sleeve, photo labels.
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Friday, May 13, 2011

RARE General Crack (1929) John Barrymore & Danton (1921) $7.99

Danton (1921) aka All for a Woman
Stars: Emil Jannings, Werner Krauss and Ossip Runitsch
The true story of the conflict between Danton and Robespierre, the leaders of the French Revolution.

Director: Dimitri Buchowetzki
Writers: Dimitri Buchowetzki (screenplay), Georg Büchner (play)
60 min - Drama - 4 December 1921 (USA)
Original Score by Brian Pinette

John Barrymore General Crack (1929)
Original Score, Brian Pinette

General Crack is an all-talking historical costume drama originally filmed with Technicolor sequences which was produced by Warner Bros. in 1929 and released early in 1930. The film was directed by Alan Crosland and stars John Barrymore in his first full-length all-talking feature.

The silent version of this film survives but it does not have any color sequences. No prints of the sound version are known to exist. The complete sound-track survives on Vitaphone disks. Unfortunately, the silent version was either a B negative or an alternate take with intertitles. So while this is a valid version, it does not match up with the Vitaphone sound-track at all.

1hr22min., silent; Black & White with Original Music Score by Brian Pinette.

NOTE: This no-region DVD is the silent version with English sub-titles. It has no color sequences.

2 Silent Gems on 1 no-region DVD. In DVD/CD sleeve, photo label.
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beyond the Door (1974) & Beyond the Door 2 (1977)

Beyond the Door (Italian title: Chi Sei?) is a 1974 Italian horror film directed by Ovidio G. Assonitis (credited as Oliver Hellman) and starring Juliet Mills and Richard Johnson.

Detailing a woman possessed by a demon, Beyond The Door was labeled a rip-off of The Exorcist. Warner Bros. promptly filed a lawsuit, claiming copyright infringement. The lawsuit failed after it was determined Warner Bros. had no rights to key horror scenes depicted in The Exorcist.

The interior shots were filmed on set in Italy at the Incir De Paolis Studios in Rome, while all exteriors were shot on location in San Francisco. Film Ventures International acquired the film for distribution in the United States for $100,000.

This meant Beyond The Door paved the way for several other "Exorcist rip-offs" (many originating in Italy as well) to see successful release in the U.S and elsewhere. Some of these include Abby, The House of Exorcism, L'Anticristo (The Antichrist) and Seytan.

Budget: $350,000.00 - The film became an independent hit, earning an estimated $15 million at the U.S Box Office.

Shock (also known as Schock and Beyond the Door II) is an Italian horror film directed by Italian horror director Mario Bava in 1977. This was Bava's last film before he died of a heart attack in 1980. The film starred Daria Nicolodi, John Steiner, and David Colin, Jr.

For its US release, Film Ventures International decided to rename the film Beyond the Door II, under the guise of it being a "sequel" to Ovidio G. Assonitis's 1974 film Chi sei?, renamed Beyond the Door for US release. The reason for the change was the fact that the two films starred child actor David Colin Jr., as a boy possessed.

In spite of this false re-branding of the film through its renaming, Film Ventures International was quite faithful with its English dubbing of Shock. Lamberto Bava's script was adapted quite faithfully and unlike Lisa and the Devil, did not include any reshoots or omission of footage, making it one of the few films by Mario Bavo to appear in the US intact.

Mastered from 16mm theatrical release prints with no digital enhancements.
Includes original theatrical and TV trailers.
Complete/un-cut no-region DVD in DVD/CD sleeve, photo label.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Colleen Moore ~ Sky Pilot (1921), Twinkletoes & Irene (1926)

The Sky Pilot (1921) silent drama film directed by King Vidor.

Based on a novel by Ralph Connor, it was the first film to be made in part at Vidor's new studio. The snow scenes were shot in Truckee where the weather did not cooperate: it snowed when the production needed sun, and was sunny wen they needed a blizzard. When the snow would not let up, local townsfolk were hired to clear the snow manually for scenes that needed dry ground. Thereafter it stopped snowing: salt was used to simulate snow on the ground. The stampede scene was shot in Fresno, California.

Starring Colleen Moore, John Bowers
Directed by King Vidor
Produced by Cathrine Curtis
Written by Ralph Connor, Faith Green, John McDermott
Based upon the novel by Ralph Connor
Cinematography, L. William O'Connell, Gus Peterson
Release date: 17 April 1921
Running time: 77 minutes
Irene (1926)

A romantic comedy film starring Colleen Moore, and partially shot in Technicolor. The technicolor scene (fashion show) does not survive in its entirety.

Irene was directed by Alfred E. Green and based on the play Irene O'Dare written by James Montgomery. As reported in the book and documentary film The Celluloid Closet, actor George K. Arthur plays a flamboyant gay man in the film named "Madame Lucy".

Distributed by First National Pictures
Release date: February 21, 1926
Running time: 90 min

Twinkletoes (1926)

Cast: Colleen Moore [Twinkletoes], Kenneth Harlan [Chuck Lightfoot], Tully Marshall [Dad Minasi] ... Director: Charles Brabin ... Released by First National Pictures ...
Scenario by Winnifred Dunn, from the novel Twinkletoes, a Tale of Chinatown by Thomas Burke (same author of "Broken Blossoms").

Comedy construction by Mervyn LeRoy. Cinematography by James C. Van Trees.

Released 28 November 1926.

TWO No-region DVDs in DVD/CD sleeves, photo labels.
Guaranteed, replaced with same title.
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2 DVDs in DVD/CD sleeve, photo label. Guaranteed, replaced with same title.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

J.B. Warner in Big Stakes (1922) & Arizona Days (1928) Bob Custer

J.B. Warner in Big Stakes (1922) & Arizona Days (1928) Bob Custer

Big Stakes (1922) J.B. Warner

"In BIG STAKES Elinor Fair, the proud Castillian daughter of Don Enrico, master of a large Mexican rancho, is betrothed to the Commandante of Sonora, Mexico, Capitan Robert H. Gray, but she shows a romantic interest in devil-may-care Americano J. B. Warner who is not taking life too seriously until he meets Fair.

Infuriated with Fair’s interest in Warner, Gray has Warner and his tubby comedic sidekick, H. S. Karr, captured and brought to Sonora. Gambling for his life, Warner challenges Gray to a deadly contest with the victor winning Fair and the loser forfeiting his life to the bite of a poisonous Gila Monster. A secondary plot has an American enemy of Warner’s, bullying Les Bates, leading a band of Klan-like night-raiding marauders.

To wreak vengeance on Warner, Bates has captured an American girl, Wilamae Carson (who is also fond of Warner), in order to lure Warner into a revengeful trap. There are several surprises, and big stakes, in order before it’s over.

Talented producer/director Clifford S. (Sanford) Elfelt, born February 15, 1890, in Chicago, Illinois, was a former cigar salesman and operator of a movie exchange who became a director at Universal in 1916 and Fox in 1917. It is Elfelt who spotted Warner when the cowboy made several two reelers at Universal, saw great potential in him and signed him to star in features for Elfelt’s East Coast Productions. (Incidentally, Elfelt cast his former wife, minor actress June La Vere [real name Gladys Elfelt], in Warner’s DANGER in ‘23.)

When Warner then signed with Sunset, Elfelt hooked up with fledging Davis Productions to produce Ken Maynard’s first westerns (including $50,000 REWARD. DEMON RIDER, etc.). Unfortunately, Davis floundered and Elfelt went bankrupt. He left films altogether in 1926 after directing Bill Patton in UNDER FIRE for Davis. (Thanks to Evy Patrick for early years research.)

James B. Warner was born in Chadron, Nebraska. His father was William H. Tobias but J. B. was raised by his mother’s parents whose name was Warner. J. B. legally changed his name to Warner, considering his grandparents his father and mother. He was not the brother of film star H. B. Warner as is often reported. J. B. entered the Army in 1917 and was discharged as a Corporal two years later. It was then he came to the attention of Universal, probably at first as a riding extra." Boyd Magers

Warner's career remains a "What if", as the handsome young actor never did mature into one of the "wax works" of the silent era his brother H.B. played in Billy Wilder's 1950 Hollywood classic, Sunset Blvd. (1950). Not yet 30, J.B. died on November 9, 1924, in Los Angeles, California, from tuberculosis.


Arizona Days (1928)
Bob Custer, cowboy star of the 1920s and '30s, fights rustlers and saves the heroine from a Fate Worse Than Death in this typical B western from the last days of the silent era. Directed and co-starring J.P. McGowan, sadly overlooked personality who was actively involved in movies from their dawn until his death in the '50s.

Bob Custer, Peggy Montgomery, J.P. McGowan

Bob Custer stars in this rare silent western. Pretending to join a gang of rustlers in exchange for the protection of his herd, a rancher is really a spy for the cattlemen's association.

When Bob comes along on a similar mission, the rancher's daughter mistakes him for one of the gang. She soon changes her mind when Bob rescues her father and goes after the leader of the gang.

Two little gems on one no-region DVD.
In DVD/CD sleeve, photo label.
Guaranteed/replaced with same title.

Tangled Trails (1921)

Corporal Jack Borden (Neal Hart), of the Northwest Mounted Police, trails the man who killed his partner to New York City.

The killer is an unscrupulous promoter who is selling worthless stock in a gold mine.
Borden, with the help of Blanche Hall (Gladys Hampton), locates the man in a Bowery dive, but he escapes and Borden tracks him back to Canada.
Along the way, he discovers that Blanche and his sweetheart, Milly (Violet Palmer), are long-separated sisters and brings about a reconciliation.

Stars: Neal Hart, Violet Palmer and Gladys Hampton
Director: Charles Bartlett
Writers: Charles Bartlett (story), Charles Bartlett (scenario)
Production Co: Neal Hart Productions
Release Date: December 1921
Runtime: 56 min

In DVD/CD sleeve, photo label. Guaranteed, replaced with same title.

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1 DVD in DVD/CD sleeve, photo label. Guaranteed, replaced with same title. 


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Monday, May 2, 2011

Lon Chaney, Betty Blythe, Douglas Fairbanks - The False Faces (1919), Nomads of the North (1920), His Picture in the Papers (1919)

The False Faces (1919) Lon Chaney, Sr., Henry B. Walthall

During World War I, a professional thief known as The Lone Wolf is assigned to steal a cylinder with important information from behind the German lines and bring it to Allied intelligence headquarters. However, German agents set out to stop him, headed by the man who was responsible for the death of the thief's sister.

Directed by Irvin Willat
Produced by Thomas H. Ince
Written by Louis Joseph Vance, Irvin Willat
Cinematography Paul Eagler, Edwin W. Willat
Editing by W. Duncan Mansfield
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date: 16 February 1919
Running time: 97 minutes
A print of the film survives at George Eastman House. On August 31, 2009 the film made it to DVD for the first time.

Nomads of the North (1920)
A Canadian Mountie allows an innocent fugitive to escape with the woman he loves.
Starring Lon Chaney Sr., Betty Blythe, Lewis Stone, Melbourne MacDowell
Directed & written by David Hartford, Novel: James Oliver Curwood
Produced by James Oliver Curwood, Hal Roach
Cinematography Walter L. Griffin
Distributed by Associated First National Pictures, Inc.
Release date: October 11, 1920
Running time: 109 min

His Picture in the Papers (1916)
Douglas Fairbanks as Pete Prindle
Clarence Handyside as Proteus Prindle
Rene Boucicault as Pansy Prindle
Jean Temple as Pearl Prindle
Charles Butler as Cassius Cadwalader
Loretta Blake as Christine Cadwalader
Homer Hunt as Melville
Helena Rupport as Olga

Directed & written by John Emerson, Anita Loos (writer)
Cinematography, George W. Hill
Release date: 13 February 1916
Running time: 62 minutes

$7.99 USA/INTL ship
1 DVD in DVD/CD sleeve, photo label. Guaranteed, replaced with same title.
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