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Monday, August 1, 2011

Julie Andrews, Jack Lemmon in "That's Life" (1986)

That's Life (1986) Julie Andrews, Jack Lemmon

Jack Lemmon and Julie Andrews, two screen legends with eleven Academy Award nominations between them, grace the screen in Blake Edwards' human comedy "That's Life!"

Lemmon frantically portrays Harvey Fairchild, a wealthy California architect, father of three successful children, husband to a beautiful wife and neurotic as hell. Confronted with his 60th birthday, Harvey is coming down with a severe case of male menopause. Gillian Fairchild (Julie Andrews), the loving, supportive wife of ranting Harvey has her own problems. She's nervously awaiting the results of her hospital tests, one of her daughters is going through a breakup and the other is seven months pregnant...and son Josh has brought home another brainless beauty. In spite of all their problems, this chaotic clan has all gathered to welcome Harvey into old age.

Directed by Blake Edwards
Produced by Tony Adams, Jonathan D. Krane
Written by Blake Edwards, Milton Wexler
Music by Henry Mancini
Cinematography, Anthony B. Richmond
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date: September 26, 1986
Running time: 102 minutes

The film was made independently by Edwards using largely his own finances and was distributed by Columbia Pictures.

That's Life! was shot in Edwards and his wife Andrews' own beachside home in Malibu and features their family in small roles, including two daughters. Lemmon's son Chris Lemmon plays his character's son Josh, while his wife Felicia Farr puts in a brief cameo appearance as a fortune teller.

Because of the film's independent status, many of the cast and crew were paid below union-level wages, resulting in the American Society of Cinematographers picketing the film during production and taking an advertisement in Variety in protest. As a result, the original director of photography, Harry Stradling Jr., s forced to quit the film and was subsequently replaced by Anthony.

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