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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Agnes Moorehead ~ “The Invaders” & “Sorry Wrong Number”, The Magnificent Ambersons

Agnes Moorehead “The Invaders” & “Sorry Wrong Number” DVD

THE TWILIGHT ZONE: TV Episode ~ The Invaders
When a woman investigates a clamor on the roof of her rural house, she discovers a small UFO and little aliens emerging from it. Or so it seems.
Stars: Agnes Moorehead
Director: Douglas Heyes
Writers: Richard Matheson, Rod Serling (creator)
Original Air Date: 27 January 1961

Radio Shows (3 audio “recordings" - episodes on DVD with “The Invaders”)

Radio play by Lucille Fletcher

Two airings starring Agnes Moorehead who originated the role on radio that would become the film starring Barbara Stanwyck.

Fletcher's play originally aired on the Suspense radio program on May 25, 1943, essentially a one-woman show with Agnes Moorehead as Mrs. Stevenson. The play was reprised seven times, each starring Moorehead. The final broadcast of "Sorry Wrong Number" starring Agnes Moorehead was on February 14, 1960.

However, there was another radio version ... In the 1948 film "Sorry Wrong Number," the role of Mrs. Stevenson was played by Barbara Stanwyck, for which she later received an Academy Award nomination. Stanwyck performed the role of Mrs. Stevenson once on radio, along with her co-star Burt Lancaster, in an hour long adaptation of the film for Lux Radio Theater. This episode aired on January 9, 1950.

DVD with Twilight Zone + THE INVADERS and Agnes Moorehead in SUSPENSE ~ Sorry Wrong Number; two Agnes Moorehead versions & Miss Stanwyck in her own version.

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