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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cinderella (2006), The Doll Master (2004), Don’t Click (2012), Ghastly (20011) - Asian Horror

4 Horror gems with English sub-titles

Cinderella (2006)

The film starts off with a birthday cake being lit in the dark. An unseen figure humming "happy birthday to you" carries the cake into a room but then drops it in shock as we see another unknown person commit suicide by shoving her face into a vent ...

Starring Sin Se-Kyung, Do Ji-won
Directed by Bong Man-dae
Written by Son Kwang-soo
Release date: August 17, 2006
Running time: 94 minutes
Country: South Korea
Korean - English sub-titles

The Doll Master (2004)

5 young people, a quiet doll maker in a wheelchair and her dedicated helper, a chained old man in the basement and a mysterious young girl in red... all together in a lonely doll museum in the woods. What starts out as a fun trip to pose for new dolls soon turns into a nightmare that not everyone will survive.

Starring Kim Yu-Mi, Im Eun-gyeong, Shin Hyeong-tak, Ok Ji-young
Directed by Jeong Yong-gi
Produced by Han Man-taek
Written by Jeong Yong-gi
Release date: July 30, 2004
Running time: 90 minutes
Country: South Korea
Korean - English sub-titles

Don't Click (2012)

A horror movie about the mysterious happenings that happen to a pair of sisters after watching an unidentified video. Directed by Kim Tae-kyeong, Park Bo-yeong plays Se-hee who tries to save her sister Jeong-mi, her boyfriend Joo Won and Kang Byeol plays the sister.

Starring Park Bo-young, Joo Won
Directed by Kim Tae-Kyeong
Produced by Kim Yong, Cha Ji-hyeon
Written by Hong Geon-gook, Kim Tae-Kyeong
Release date: May 31, 2012
Running time: 107 minutes
Country: South Korea
Korean - English sub-titles

Ghastly (2011)

After his parents are murdered, Bin is taken into the care of relatives. He begins to act strangely, the new occupants of his house experience horrific nightmares, and a mystery unfolds as a terrible secret is revealed.

Starring Eun-jeong Han and Hyomin
Directed by Yang Yun-Ho
Produced by Choi Soon-Sik
Written by Kim Yoo-Ra
Release Date: August 4, 2011
Runtime: 92 min.
Korean - English sub-titles
Country: South Korea

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