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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ten Little Indians (1974) Elke Sommer & Cat & The Canary (1927, 1978) Laura La Plante, Carol Lynley

Ten Little Indians (1974) Elke Sommer & Cat & The Canary (1927, 1978) Laura La Plante, Carol Lynley 3 films 2 DVDs

Laura LaPlante ~ The Cat and the Canary (1927) & Carol Lynley, Honor Blackman The Cat and the Canary (1978) DVD

Silent film classic 1927 and 1978 camp-cult classic ...

The Cat and the Canary (1927) is an American silent horror film adaptation of John Willard's 1922 black comedy play of the same name. Directed by German Expressionist filmmaker Paul Leni, the film stars Laura La Plante as Annabelle West, Forrest Stanley as Charles "Charlie" Wilder, and Creighton Hale as Paul Jones. The plot revolves around the death of Cyrus West, who is Annabelle, Charlie, and Paul's uncle, and the reading of his will 20 years later. Annabelle inherits her uncle's fortune, but when she and her family spend the night in his haunted mansion they are stalked by a mysterious figure. Meanwhile, a lunatic known as "the Cat" escapes from an asylum and hides in the mansion.

The Cat and the Canary is part of a genre of comedy horror films inspired by 1920s Broadway stage plays. Paul Leni's adaptation of Willard's play blended expressionism with humor, a style Leni was notable for and critics recognized as unique. Leni's style of directing made The Cat and the Canary influential in the "old dark house" genre of films popular from the 1930s through the 1950s. The film was one of Universal's early horror productions and is considered "the cornerstone of Universal's school of horror." It has been remade five times.

Original Score by Brian Pinette

The Cat and the Canary (1978) Carol Lynley, Honor Blackman
With Michael Callan, Edward Fox. Directed by Radley Metzger.

Frank Willard's 1927 stage play The Cat and the Canary was filmed several times before this 1978 version saw the light of day. In the story, Annabelle West (Carol Lynley) is one of several potential heirs to a huge fortune. Brought to his foreboding mansion to learn who will benefit from his death, the anxious heirs must sit still for the deceased's taped recitation of his bequests. The dead man, Cyrus West (Wilfred Hyde-White), takes advantage of the occasion to scold his greedy and unpleasant relatives. He leaves behind several posthumous practical jokes which drive his points home. It's a rainy night, the mansion is full of surprises, most of the heirs are an anxious, unpleasant lot, and at least one of them is not above committing murder to have his way. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

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And Then There Were None; Ten Little Indians (1974) Elke Sommer, Oliver Reed

Plot Summary for And Then There Were None (1974) Updated version of the Agatha Christie book "And Then There Were None. In this version, the group is invited, under false pretenses, to an isolated hotel in the Iranian desert. After dinner, a cassette tape (voiced by the legendary Orson Welles) accuses them all of crimes that they have gotten away with. One by one they begin to die, in accordance to the Ten Little Indians Nursery rhyme. After a search is made of the hotel, they realize that the murderer is one of them. A few members of the group attempt to trust each other, but the question still remains, who can one trust? and who will leave the hotel alive?

Starring Elke Sommer, Oliver Reed, Maria Rohm, Charles Aznavour, Stéphane Audran, Gert Fröbe
Directed by Peter Collinson
Produced by Harry Alan Towers
Screenplay by Harry Alan Towers (as "Peter Welbeck")
Uncredited: Enrique Llovet
Based on Novel: Agatha Christie
Music by Bruno Nicolai
Cinematography, Fernando Arribas
Studio Corona Filmproduktion Talía Films COMECI
Country: France / Spain / Germany / Italy
Running time: 98 min.

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