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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dorothy Gish in Gretchen the Greenhorn (1916) & Nell Gwyn (1926)

Gretchen the Greenhorn (1916) Original music score; 58min16sec

Dorothy Gish stars as Gretchen, the daughter of Dutch immigrant Ralph Lewis. Doing her best to adjust to her strange new homeland of the USA, Gretchen falls in love with Italian-American Frank Bennett. The plot thickens when she is kidnapped by gangsters so that her father, an engraver, will be forced to make counterfeit plates. A rousing (and amusing) rescue scene caps this cinemadaptation of Bernard McConville's story Gretchen Blunders In. Curiously, the film is not mentioned in the otherwise thorough 1973 coffee-table book Lillian and Dorothy Gish. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Nell Gwyn (1926) 1hr12min

The first feature-length treatment of the life of Nell Gwynne, the lusty 17th-century actress who became the mistress of "merry monarch" King Charles II, was produced by the Sawyer film company in 1914. Nellie Stuart starred as Nell Gwynne, while the identities of the other actors have been lost to history (as has the name of the director). Running five reels, the film relied totally on the charms of the leading lady to keep afloat; according to contemporary reviews, the production was singularly lacking in action or excitement. This is curious, inasmuch as the story of Nell Gwynne had enough drama (and comedy) to fill at least five films. Later versions of Nell Gwynne, produced by Herbert Wilcox and starring the likes of Dorothy Gish and Anna Neagle, were far more satisfying. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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