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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yvette Mimieux ~ Death Takes A Holiday (1971) & Hit Lady (1974)

Death Takes A Holiday (1971)
TV Movie - 90 min - Fantasy|Drama - 23 October 1971 (USA) \
Universal Studios, which acquired the rights to the 1934 classic film “Death Takaes A Holiday” in 1962 following a merger with then-owners MCA, made a 1971 television production featuring Yvette Mimieux, Monte Markham, Myrna Loy, Melvyn Douglas and Bert Convy.
Myrna Loy related in her biography that the production was marred by a decline in filming production standards; she described a frustrated Douglas storming off the set and returning to his home in New York when a tour guide interrupted the filming of one of his dramatic scenes to point out Rock Hudson's dressing room.
Cast: Yvette Mimieux, Monte Markham, Bert Convy, Kerwin Mathews, Priscilla Pointer
and Melyn Douglas & Myrna Loy.
Plot: Death takes a human form and visits Earth to try to find out why humans want so desperately to cling to life. He unexpectedly falls in love with a beautiful young woman.
Director: Robert Butler
Writers: Alberto Casella (play), Rita Lakin

Hit Lady (1974)
TV Movie - 72 min - Action|Drama|Thriller - 8 October 1974 (USA)
A beautiful young artist moonlights as a syndicate killer.
Stars: Yvette Mimieux, Joseph Campanella, Clu Gulager
Director: Tracy Keenan Wynn
Writer: Yvette Mimieux
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