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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Revenge! Murder! Madness! Mother Love (1989) Diana Rigg, David McCallum

Mother Love is a British television drama that first aired in 1989. It was adapted by Andrew Davies from Laura Black's novel concerning a mother's obsessive love for her son, vengeful hatred of his father, her ex-husband, and the effect on her daughter-in-law and grandchildren. It starred Diana Rigg, David McCallum, James Wilby, and Fiona Gillies, and was directed by Simon Langton.

Christopher "Kit" Vesey (James Wilby) and Angela Vesey (Fiona Gillies), a British yuppie couple, have a presumably idyllic existence. Yet there is one troubling factor in their lives - an eccentric, and possibly, difficult mother-in-law (Diana Rigg).

Her odd behavior is confirmed in a series of incidents involving her ex-husband (David McCallum), a concert musician, and her ex-husband's second wife, Ruth (Isla Blair), an artist. Flashbacks throughout the series reveal bits of Helena's troubled past. Little by little, the young couple's life begins to fall apart and the mother-in-law begins to act out her feelings of intense jealousy in the form of revenge, implicating a dear old friend, and leading to murder.

Original channel: BBC
Original run: October 1989 – November 1989

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