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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lois Weber: Suspense (1913) & Hypocrites (1915)

Lois Weber (1921)

Florence Lois Weber
June 13, 1879
Allegheny, Pennsylvania, U.S.

November 13, 1939 (aged 60)
Hollywood, California, U.S.
Actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter

Phillips Smalley (1904-1922)
Harry Gantz (1926-1935)

Hollywood Walk of Fame - Motion Picture
6518 Hollywood Blvd
Suspense (1913) Lois Weber
Suspense is a 1913 silent drama film directed by Phillips Smalley and Lois Weber. The Internet Movie Database lists Lon Chaney as appearing in the film in an uncredited role, however this is disputed. The film features an early example of a split screen shot.
A print of the film survives at the film archive of the British Film Institute.
Directed by Phillips Smalley, Lois Weber
Written by Lois Weber
Starring Lois Weber, Val Paul
Release date: July 6, 1913
Running time: 10 minutes
Country: United States
Hypocrites (1915)
Hypocrites is a 1915 silent drama film directed by Lois Weber (1881-1939).
The film contained several full nude scenes of an uncredited Margaret Edwards (1877–1929)[1] as Naked Truth, including a sequence with her posing nude as a statue. The film is regarded as anticlerical, and the nudity was justified by its religious context.
Directed by Lois Weber
Produced by Bosworth Company
Written by Lois Weber
Release date: January 1915
Running time: 49 minutes
Country: United States

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