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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Norma & Constance Talmadge ~ The Forbidden City (1918) & The Duchess of Buffalo (1926)

The Forbidden City (1918) Norma Talmadge

Starring: Norma Talmadge, Thomas Meighan, E. Alyn Warren, Michael Rayle, L. Rogers Lytton, Reid Hamilton
Directed by Sidney Franklin
Produced by Joseph M. Schenck
Norma Talmadge Film Corporation/Selznick Pictures

The Forbidden City is a film released in 1918 starring Norma Talmadge and Thomas Meighan and directed by Sidney Franklin. The plot centers around an inter-racial romance between a Chinese princess (Talmage) and an American (Meighan). When palace officials discover she has become pregnant she is sentenced to death. In the latter part of the film Talmadge plays the now adult daughter of the affair, seeking her father in Uzbekistan.

Release date: October 6, 1918

The Duchess of Buffalo (1926) Constance Talmadge

Starring: Constance Talmadge,Tullio Carminati, Edward Martindel, Rose Dione, Chester Conklin, Lawrence Grant, Martha Franklin, Jean de Briac

Directed by Sidney Franklin
Constance Talmadge Film Company

The Duchess of Buffalo is a 1926 silent film romantic-comedy produced by and starring Constance Talmadge and released through First National Pictures. It is based on a 1916 Broadway stage musical Sybil which is this film's alternate title.

Release date: September 5, 1926

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