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Saturday, October 12, 2013

D.W. Griffith classics The Greatest Question (1919), The White Rose (1923), Hoodoo Ann (1916)

The Greatest Question is a 1919 American drama film directed by D. W. Griffith, Starring Lillian Gish and Robert Harron.

The White Rose (1923) is a silent film directed by D. W. Griffith. The film was written, produced, and directed by Griffith, and stars Mae Marsh, Ivor Novello, Carol Dempster, and Neil Hamilton.

The film was shot in several locations throughout Florida and Louisiana. Though this film is extant it is one of Griffith's rarely seen films. According to film historian William K. Everson, a tinted and toned 35 mm nitrate print was allowed to decompose in the 1960s, leaving only a sole B/W dupe.

Hoodoo Ann is a 1916 Lloyd Ingraham-directed American comedy-drama silent film, written by D.W. Griffith and released by Triangle Film Corporation.

Original Scores, Brian Pinette

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