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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lady Death (2004)

Lady Death: The Movie is a 2004 North American animated film based on the comic book character Lady Death. This film was the first animation project produced by now-defunct anime distributor A.D. Vision. It had premiered at the 2004 Comic-Con convention.

Directed by Andy Orjuela
Produced by Andy Orjuela
Screenplay by Brian Pulido
Story by Carl Macek
Starring Christine M. Auten
Music by Bill Brown
Studio A.D. Vision
Release date: July 24, 2004
Running time: 80 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

Brian Pulido's cadaverous comic book heroine springs to animated life in the full-length, made-for-video anime film LADY DEATH. In 15th-century Sweden, an innocent young maiden named Hope discovers that her beloved father is, in fact, the Devil in disguise.

Condemned to be burned at the stake by the local townsfolk, Hope strikes a deal with Lucifer to spend eternity in Hell in exchange for escape from her igneous death. But once in the fiery depths, Hope breaks the pact and transforms herself into the voluptuous, white-haired warrior Lady Death, battling to wrest control of Hell away from her demonic father in a last-ditch effort at salvation.

Director Andrew Orjuela, screenwriter Carl Macek (ROBOTECH: THE MOVIE), and composer Bill Brown (ANY GIVEN SUNDAY) imbue Pulido's epic tale with a Neil Gaiman-meets-Bruegel style of animation perfectly suited to its gothic subject matter.

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