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Monday, October 14, 2013

Making of A Male Model (1983) Joan Collins, Jon-Erik Hexum

Making of A Male Model (1983) Joan Collins, Jon-Erik Hexum
Jeff Conaway, Kevin McCarthy, Roxie Roker, Arte Johnson

Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, Douglas S. Cramer,
E. Duke Vincent, Dennis Hammer, Lynn Loring

A chic Manhattan modeling agency's seductive owner (legendary Joan Collins) plucks a rugged young Nevada rancher (Jon-Erik Hexum) from obscurity and endeavors to make him into an overnight sex symbol, only to discover that he craves the wide open spaces back home.

Jon-Erik Hexum, in his first starring film, is the hunk who came to real-life prominence via two best-selling beefcake calendars, followed by the short-lived "Voyagers" series. Among the cast members are second generation actors including Michael Anderson, Jr., Robert Walker, Jr., Heidi Hagman (Larry's daughter), and Jennifer Edwards (Blake's daughter), as well as Rosemary Stack (wife of Robert Stack) as a fashion world bigwig. TV movie.

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