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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Song of the South (1946)

Song of the South is a 1946 feature film produced by Walt Disney and released by RKO Radio Pictures. The film is based on the Uncle Remus cycle of stories by Joel Chandler Harris. The live actors provide a sentimental frame story, in which Uncle Remus relates the folk tales of the adventures of Brer Rabbit and his friends. These anthropomorphic animal characters appear in animation. The hit song from the film was "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah", which won the 1947 Academy Award for Best Song and is frequently used as part of Disney's montage themes, and which has become widely-used in popular culture. The film inspired the Disney theme park attraction Splash Mountain.

The film has never been released in its entirety on home video in the USA, because of content which Disney executives believe would be construed by some as racist toward black people, and is thus subject to much rumor. Some portions of this film have been issued on VHS and DVD as part of either compilations or special editions of Disney films.

This is a U.K. release, complete and un-cut.

Starring Ruth Warrick, Bobby Driscoll, James Baskett (Special Academy Award for this role), Luana Patten, Lucile Watson, Hattie McDaniel, Glenn Leedy, Johnny Lee, Nick Stewart
Directed by Harve Foster (live action)
Wilfred Jackson (animation)
Produced by Walt Disney
Written by Dalton S. Reymond, Morton Grant, Maurice Rapf, Bill Peet, Ralph Wrigh, George Stallings
Joel Chandler Harris (original stories)
Music by Daniele Amfitheatrof, Paul J. Smith (score), Edward Plumb (orchestration)
Cinematography Gregg Toland
Editing by William M. Morgan
Studio Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures
Release date: November 12, 1946
Running time 94 minutes

Academy Award recognition
The score was nominated in the "Scoring of a Musical Picture" category, and "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah", written by Allie Wrubel and Ray Gilbert won the award for Best Song at the 20th Academy Awards on March 20, 1948.

A special Academy Award was given "To James Baskett for his able and heart-warming characterization of Uncle Remus, friend and story teller to the children of the world in Walt Disney's 'Song of the South.'" Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten in their portrayals of the children characters Johnny and Ginny were also discussed for Special Juvenile Awards, but in 1947 it was decided not to present such awards at all.

Academy Award 1948 Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah & A special Academy Award was given "To James Baskett for his able and heart-warming characterization of Uncle Remus, friend and story teller to the children of the world in Walt Disney's "Song of the South."

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Greta Garbo - the Divine

Greta Garbo

23 Garbo faves
The Saga of Gosta Berling (1924; 124 min) Music, Brian Pinette
Joyless Street (1925) 1930s re-issue, edited
Torrent (1926) / Love (1927) - double feature - 1 DVD (TCM airing)
Anna Christie (1923) Blanche Sweet / (1930) Greta Garbo
Inspiration‭ (‬1931)
Susan Lenox:‭ ‬Her Fall and Rise (1931)
As You Desire Me‭ (‬1932)
Grand Hotel (1932)
The Painted Veil (1934)
Conquest also called Marie Walewska (1937)
Two-Faced Woman (1941)
Romance‭ (‬1930)
The Temptress (1926)
A Woman of Affairs‭ ‬(1928)
The Kiss‭ ‬(1929)
The Single Standard‭ (‬1929)
Queen Christina (1933)
Ninotchka (1939)
Anna Karenina (1935)
Mata Hari (1931)
Wild Orchids (1929)
Flesh and the Devil (1926)

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lillian Gish - The First Lady of the Silent Film

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D.W. Griffith shorts on 1 DVD ~ An Unseen Enemy (1912), Musketeers of Pig Alley (1912),
The Mothering Heart (1913)

Battle at Elderbush Gulch (1912) & Judith of Bethulia (1914) ~ 1 DVD

Home Sweet Home (1914) & Sold for Marriage (1916) ~ 1 DVD

Birth of A Nation (1915)
Intolerance (1916)
Hearts of the World (1918) w/Dorothy Gish
A Romance of Happy Valley (1918)
True Heart Susie (1919) w/Robert Harron (Original score by Brian Pinette)
Broken Blossoms (1919)
The Greatest Question (1920)
Way Down East (1920)
Orphans of the Storm (1921)
The White Sister (1923) w/Ronald Colman
Romola (1924) w/Dorothy Gish, William Powell

Collector to Collector ...
La Boheme (1926) John Gilbert
The Scarlet Letter (1926) Lars Hanson
The Wind (1927) Lars Hanson
The Enemy (surviving footage, 3/4 film) / Annie Laurie (1927) – 1 DVD
Arsenic & Old Lace (1969) with Helen Hayes
The Whales of August (1987) with Bette Davis, Vincent Price, Ann Sothern
Night of the Hunter (1955)

Obscure Lillian Gish 5 classic film appearances (1930-1985) 

His Double Life (1934) / The Swan (1930) - 1 DVD
Commandos Strike at Dawn (1942) Paul Muni, Anna Lee
Body in the Barn; Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1964) Lillian Gish
Huckleberry Finn (1985) with Butterfly McQueen ....

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