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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Academy Award nominee 1929 Gloria Swanson in The Trespasser & Cecil B. De Mille’s Male & Female (1919) & LUX Radio - Sunset Blvd. (1951)

Gloria Swanson in The Trespasser (1929) received her first of two Academy Award nominations for this film. It was her first talkie. Her 2nd and last nomination was for Sunset Boulevard.
During the silent film era, after Gloria made a collection of short comedies - she hit her stride in the late teens.  From 1919 - 1929 - she reigned supreme with Lillian Gish and Mary Pickford.  It was not necessarily her acting, but it was her on and off-screen persona.  She sizzled.  She had Elinor Glyn's "IT!"  Her smash hits were mostly directed by Cecil B. DeMille who also directed Mary Pickford in her early career.

And like Miss Gish and Miss Pickford - the WORLD awaited their first talkie.  And exactly like Gish and Pickford - the audience somehow had matured, changed.

None of these great actresses would ever achieve the superstardom they once had.

They remained friends and rivals until their deaths.  Miss Gish was the last to go.
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