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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Colleen Moore ~ Sky Pilot (1921) Dir. King Vidor, Twinkletoes, Irene, Ella Cinders (1926)



SAD fact, but true:
Many of Colleen Moore's films deteriorated but not due to her own neglect, after she had sent them to be preserved at the Museum of Modern Art. Some time later, Warner Brothers asked for their nitrate materials to be returned to them. Moore's earlier First National films were also sent, since Warners later acquired First National. Upon their arrival, the custodian at MOMA, not seeing the films on the manifest, put them to one side and never went back to them. Many years later, Moore inquired about her collection and MOMA found the films languishing unprotected. When the films were examined, they had decomposed past the point of preservation.
Heartbroken, Colleen tried in vain to retrieve any prints she could from several sources without much success.
At the height of her fame, Moore was earning $12,500 per week. She was an astute investor, and through her investments remained wealthy for the rest of her life.
In her later years she would frequently attend film festivals, and was a popular interview subject always willing to discuss her Hollywood career. She was a participant in the 1980 documentary film series Hollywood, providing her recollections of Hollywood's silent film era.
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