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Sunday, May 18, 2014

EXQUISITE painting of Legendary Mamie Van Doren by acclaimed artist Chuck Caplinger

Portrait (painting) of Miss Van Doren displayed at the Windmill Dinner Theatre, Houston, Texas when Mamie was performing live on the Summer Stock Circuit to sold out crowds throughout the Southwest.
I first saw Miss Van Doren in "In One Bed and Out The Other."  I met her after the show and we became friends.

Miss Lillian Gish, a friend of mine since I was pre-Junior High School signed an autographed photo of herself inscribed to Mamie.  I kept telling Miss Gish how nice and pretty and talented she was.

Years later, when I was living in NYC and I brought that up to Miss Gish while I was having lunch with her at her Brownstone, Miss Gish remembered signing the photo. 

She then told me that she was at the premiere of Teacher's Pet" in NYC.  The film starred Doris Day, Clark Gable and co-starred Mamie, who livened up the movie with her great singing voice and comedic moves. 

"She was so pretty and the camera loved her." said Miss Gish.
Anyway, I digress ... I had the portrait hanging in all my apartments all these years since I received it from Mr. Caplinger after her run was complete at the Windmill Dinner Theatre. 

Miss Van Doren is a true talent and lovely lady - to this VERY moment.

Chuck Caplinger website:

A clipping of Miss Doren at the Windmill from one of her other productions.

FYI:  The top STARS on that circuit were:  Sal Mineo, Virginia Mayo, Mamie Van Doren and Dawn Wells.  Dawn and Mamie still delight to this day.